Friday, August 22, 2008

Cindy's Hollywood Minute

Everyone is grumpy this morning. It's a level of grumpy I haven't ever seen from my 5-years-old-and-younger kids. I expect these types of mornings on a regular basis when they reach teenage years, but not now. And to make things worse, I'm grumpy too. So we should just all go back to bed, but noooooo. Instead, I'm going to rant on this blog about other people's lives. I'm pretty sure you, my readers, will disagree with some of my conclusions, so let me acknowledge that up front. I'm ready for disagreements in the comments section on this one.

Item #1: We are not Gwen Stefani fans. She hasn't done anything to us personally, we just don't understand the appeal she has with some of you. The nicest way I can put how I personally feel about her (Kulani will have to tell you for himself) is this: who invited Madonna to the alternative kids' party? And now she's had a baby and she's managed to go lower in my book. No, not that she had a baby; that's good. The bad is what she named the baby: Zuma Nesta Rock. What the __? When we were little girls, we used to think up different names we wanted to name our future children (Lilia would have been named Aurora Pierce had I stayed with my 10-year-old state of mind.) But you grow out of that, don't you? I understand wanting to name your kids something unique or meaningful, don't get me wrong. But Zuma Nesta Rock just seems showy and over-the-top (even more so than Apple or Scout). Might as well announce to the whole class that you're the son of two rockstar parents. Can't keep that one under your hat, little Zum-zum.

Item #2: What has happened to 101.9 The End? It is total crap. The morning show even sucks now without my favorite--Mister. I don't listen to radio unless I'm in the car, and driving home from Salt Lake this morning I caught some of the Chunga Morning Show. They did give me the fodder for item #1, but other than that, it was yawnsville. And now their movie review guy is Tony Toscano. He's the guy who will have a quote on the cover of one of the worst movies you've ever seen that says, "One of the best movies of the year"--Tony Toscano, Talking Pictures. Could it get any worse?

Item #3: I watched a few minutes of the Miss America pageant last year. I saw enough of it to watch one of the contestants answer a question regarding whether the Nickelodean studios should fire Jamie Lynn Spears from the Zoey program because the 16-year-old is pregnant in real life. (The contestant said they shouldn't because it's nobody's bee's wax.) But yesterday I watched half of a show, and I've got to say that I was uncomfortable watching Jamie Lynn Spears in a pre-teen kids' show, where the topics are about having a first kiss not a first you-know-what. The plot for this particular episode was that her boyfriend told her he loved her, but she couldn't say it back to him because she was so confused. Her friends kept asking her what's wrong, and she told them she didn't know, but when she found out, she'd let them know. I was thinking, "Your in the early months of pregnancy, fool. Of course you don't know what's wrong with your emotions." But then my mind had a total full-circle moment: a pregnant woman's mind is similar to a teenager's mind. I could relate to the episode more than I thought possible. By the end, we were crying together. Not really. I turned the channel before the end. It's not appropriate for children 6 and under anymore. By the way, my girls are into kissing everything. Lilia even wanted to watch the kissing parts on a television program--NOOOOOOOOOOO!


mariann and Tory said...

I agree with you on the life with Zoey. I really don't think she should be on there anymore. Sorry you are having a bad should take a nap, it will make you feel better! :)

Aundrea said...

I just had a morning like yours! If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

And, you're not getting any disagreements out of me, I agree with you 100%. Although I haven't been able to listen to the Chunga and Mister show in years, I miss them! But, I guess I can stop that longing now.

Mr. Flynn said...

Sadly I have a soft spot for Gwen Stefani. Bridget and I saw her and No Doubt when they toured with U2 in the fall of 2001. I agree about the name though.

and regarding #3: Thankfully we have boys that aren't into kissing. Good luck with that stuff on your end. Maybe having all boys is a good thing.

Mark, Lindsay, Bennett, and James said...

The humor of 101.9 is sadly a thing of the past. I literally cannott stand to listen to it. Chunga is hardly ever on and that Chelsea girl sounds like a drunk sorority chick! If a celeb wants to be unique, they should name their kid something normal. No celebs are doing that right now!!