Monday, August 11, 2008

Dinner Party Conversation Trials

Yes, I am a nerd. I sometimes think up interesting questions to have on the ready in case a lull in conversation ever occurs during a dinner party. My latest question? Wait for it ... wait for it ... wait for it ... "If you have a butler, what would his name be?" I tried it out on Kulani tonight.

Me: If you ever had a butler, what would his name be?

Kulani: (Remember, he's an engineer and writer by trade.) My butler's name would be the name of the guy who was most competent and compatible.

Me: So what would his name be?

Kulani: Whatever his name is.

I almost had to stop the car I was laughing so hard. My answer was Quentin so then I could call him "Q." Oh, yeah. Good thing my journalism skillz aren't going to waste. I really know how to get to the heart of some really deep, philosophical discussions. Who wants to come to our dinner parties now? Boo yeah!


Mr. Flynn said...
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Mr. Flynn said...

you could always stipulate in the employment k that the butler shall only be refered to as "Quentin" or "Q" regardless of what his actual name is during the hours he is on duty. Thus, when or if you ever changed butlers the name could be maintained and you wouldn't have to bother with a silly thing like a name that doesn't jive with your concept of the ideal butler.

go mom go said...

I think my butler's name would have to be Lurch.