Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dark Knight Blog

Had a 720-degree moment (that's a full-circle moment twice around) Friday night. I feel like I've tapped out the neighborhood girls for babysitting. So I turned to my old babysitter, Bill Routt, to see if one of his three girls would like to babysit. His 12-year-old said she'd be thrilled to babysit. I babysat Sarah, the 12-year-old, once when she was younger. She was so cute. She brought along a bag full of Barbies and some DVDs to watch. She says to me, "Have you ever heard of ramen? I can make it for the girls. It's really good." Have I ever heard of ramen? A mother's best friend. But I'd already thought ahead and bought some pizza and breadsticks and cinnamon bread. I felt comfortable leaving the girls in Sarah's capable hands while I drove to Sandy to watch ... duh, duh, dun ... Batman: The Dark Knight!

We went on a double-date with old-time friends and fellow bloggers Jeremy and Heather. After the movie, which I will briefly review in the following paragraphs, a couple asked us to take their picture in front of the Batman sign. Heather and I looked at each other and said, "They must be bloggers." Only bloggers take pictures of EVERYTHING--a trip to the movies, a trip to the park, a trip to the bathroom. A post is much better with a picture. I've kind of been in a picture-less rut lately--time to dust off the ol' camera.
Since we were going to be spending the big bucks on the movie anyway, we decided to spend the "really" big bucks and see it on IMAX. The movie ... was ... awesome! Absolutely rivoting. That's my short review. I'm not sure IMAX is much better than the regular stadium-seating theater. We arrived a little late to the movie because Ruby River was slow with the service that night. We thought we'd be fine and just miss the previews. Oh no--not IMAX. No previews for IMAX, so we missed the first 10 minutes. It's a good excuse for us to go see it again. It's definitely a movie worthy of seeing twice. Warning for parents with children who think they are old enough to see this movie: they are likely not old enough. It's a pretty scary movie. I couldn't stop thinking about it for days. And it was a little eerie for me to be seeing Heath Ledger in a crazy, insane roll (which he seriously did do an amazing job of acting) now that he's dead. Kulani did make a good point, however. His acting almost seemed like Johnny Depp's portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Carribean. If they're going to bring back the Joker in follow-up Batmans, and I really hope they do, Johnny Depp would get my vote for the next Joker.

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Heats said...

I have to tell you, I had so much fun that night! I am so glad you invited us. Let's do it again sooner than later. I love reading your blog. You have a talent for writing. You are great friends and we are lucky to know you. Besides I find out real dirt on J from you. Who else would tell me he was Blanding Bound!?