Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Founder's Day Dinner '08

Went to the BYU Law School's Founder's Day dinner tonight, as per our usual ritual. We have officially been a part of this dinner since 2000. Tonight's dinner was ... okay. The diner menu was salmon and chicken marsala, slightly downscaled from the days when they served us filet mignon. I blame it on the increase in food prices.

Tonight's speaker was Kim B. Clark, president of BYU-Idaho and former dean of Harvard MBA School. His talk was good, but not heartwarming and endearing necessarily. He layed out his vision for BYU-Idaho, and outlined how to be a disciple-leader. The speakers the last five years previously have been rather off-the-cuff and fun. It felt like the speakers were in an intimate room talking with a bunch of good friends giving them some "insider" stories about things that go on behind the scenes. President Clark was a touch dry. But he's a first-timer to the Founder's Day dinner scene, and I'm sure being at Harvard for the last decade hasn't helped his whimsical proclivity. But just knowing that someone like President Clark lasted as dean of the Harvard MBA school for 10 years and still has his testimony caused me to re-evaluate my choices and my direction. I have a desire to learn more and be a better disciple-leader in my own home.

The best story I brought away from his talk was a retelling of a story told to him by Henry Eyring. Eyring was president of Ricks at the time, and he was talking with his uncle, Spencer W. Kimball. He told President Kimball that he thought universities wouldn't exist in the Millenial reign of Christ. President Kimball told him that was "the stupidest thing he'd ever heard. Of course, there'll be universities. We have a lot to learn."

The man introducing President Clark had more personal and interesting stories. He was President Clark's companion when serving their missions in Germany. He alluded to a YouTube video of President Clark and Charlie Rose that is worth your viewing time. I provide a link for it here.

No pictures this year. Ben and Amy accompanied us again. Always glad to have their company. We'll be attending it again next year, and you'll have my full report.

Until then, this is Cindy Fisher saying, goodnight and I love you!

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