Friday, August 29, 2008

New Design thanks to my Stylist

This has been my best blog design to date, thanks to my blog stylist, Angela. Didn't she do a great job?! Thanks, Angela! It looks really awesome!


go mom go said...

I couldn't wait to see which one you picked out. I like it. The green background looks great with it.
I'm a stylist? Okay, when my kids are older and I go back to work, I'm so putting that on my resume. Do you think it would fly to list you as CEO of Fisher Style (a great literature company)? I'm pushing fraud here...the stylist part that is!

Morkthefied said...

It's kind of like a hair stylist, but you make my life in pictures look better. Seriously, I could totally see you either a) having your own graphic design studio, or (b) working in-house as a graphic designer. You've got the chops and the talent--and you're fast. All things that make a good graphic designer.