Friday, August 15, 2008

Blog stalking

Yes, I do it. But check out these gems I found through my stalking efforts:

The highlight of this blog was the following paragraph:

"You know how it is for some of these grocery-store bakery decorators: some days they're just not reaching their full cake-wrecking potential. On those days they give their airbrush, questionable design choices, and horrific color palettes a rest, and instead produce a simpler, quieter kind of wreck. A wreck that says, with world-weary disdain, 'Hey, I make $7 an hour. Deal with it.'"

I think Kulani will appreciate this blog:

It's about a cop shoving a cyclist. As if Kulani needed yet another reason to distrust our honorable law enforcers.

This one,, reminds me of the church by my mom's house. I can't wait to read the pithy sayings this church comes up with each time I drive home to Idaho. It almost makes it worth the four-hour trip for that alone. Warning: I haven't read all the signs on this site, so some stuff may be inappropriate, and if it is, I'm sorry I directed you there.

These sisters are pretty funny.

And you folks with the little gadget on your blogs that shows who was last on your blog and from where: that creeps me out. I'm the creepy one stalking you--and I'm creepy to the max. It reminds me of high school when I used to drive by a certain boy's house 13 times a day, and if he was actually outside when I drove by, I just about had a heart attack. No, I never stopped to talk and say hello. That would just be--normal. I would duck and drive by as if you couldn't tell I was the one driving my mom's 11-passenger brown van from the 70s. Very smooth. The only thing worse than those gadgets are private blogs. Let me read about you, people! (But don't make me actually ask your permission-gosh!)


mariann and Tory said... I am hungry for some cake! Those are pretty funny! I especially like the one where the cop hits the guy off the bike! Makes you feel nice secure about our law enforcement huh?
P.S. I love your blogs!

go mom go said...

Hey now, I have one of those trackers. Be nice to me!
Cakes...hilarious. It reminds me of one my mom made when I was growing up. She decorated cakes as a side job. She also used to drink. She got drunk one night and then realized that she had a cake to make for the next morning. Her and her friend decorated it. They forgot to put a tip on the frosting bag so it ended up looking like a big dog turd on the top of the cake.

Morkthefied said...

Yeah, I'm feeling bad about this post, but I'm keeping it out here for now. I really don't mind those trackers. I personally think it's kind of cool to see people viewing it from way far away. But I do feel kind of weird when it says I've been there three times in a day. Gees--woman, get a life, is what people are probably thinking. And the private blogs are good too--I hope I came across as tongue-in-cheek.

MarySquare said...

Cindy -- hilarious -- and the sign at the church this time said something like, "I was a waste till Jesus recycled me."

Don't feel bad about the post -- tres funny!

The Redd Family said...

Maybe you've found this blog with all your blogstocking, or somebody has alerted you to it but it is way funny and after Kulani's comment on the fourth about how annoyed he is by the "perfect" blogs I thought I'd better make sure you had been to it, it's and it's hilarious, check it out.