Sunday, August 17, 2008

He's Southern Idaho

Found ourselves watching TV last night. We caught a fairly amusing edited version of Just Friends on TBS. It's about an overweight high school guy (played by Ryan Reynolds) in love with the hottest girl in school (played by Amy Smart), but they're only "best friends." He gets humiliated at a graduation party and vows to "show them." Fast forward 10 years later and he's a svelte, successful man who finds himself in his home town of Trenton, New Jersey. You can probably guess at how the rest of the movie goes. (Finds said girl, tries to woo her, another guy is in the picture, etc.)

My favorite line from the movie, and the whole reason for this post, is the following line:

"He's Jersey: He skis in his jeans."

I was rolling with laughter. Anyone who experencied the junior high and high school ski bus from Southern Idaho knows all too well about people who ski in jeans. It's akin to saying someone is a "butt rocker" or --I can't really think of another, better or even equal substitute. It is just so poignant and perfect. If you've experienced it, you know what I'm typing about. One more catch phrase to add to my growing repertoire.

Toodily doodily!


mariann and Tory said...

That is pretty funny! I will have to store that in my brain for later use! I love funny one liners like that! Nacho Liebre is full of those to!

go mom go said...

Those ski bus trips back in junior high were so fun. The jean thing cracks me up. I always wanted to be cool and wear the jeans, but my parents always bought me those stinkin' black marshmallows bibs.

Aundrea said...

You probably don't remember me...but I found your blog. I'm from Blanding and friends with Kulani...I just have to say I loved reading your blog this morning! So funny! I can totally see how you and Kulani make the perfect couple:)