Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blanding folks: nosy in a good way

You know when you pass a diesel truck carrying three loads, tradition has it that you honk your horn three times? Well, start honkin': I'm posting three times in one day.

Got a call from Kulani's old neighbor Sister Swenson this morning. She was worried about Kulani's mom, who had a scary health episode on Monday. Sister Swenson didn't see the Fisher's car in the driveway today, so she called information to find our number to see if we knew where Kulani's mom and dad were at. She was afraid Afton, Kulani's mom, might be in the hospital. Kulani's mom is fine and they traveled up to Spanish Fork for a grandson's mission farewell.

I don't know if all small-town folks are similar to Blanding folks, but people who grew up in Blanding are particularly nosy--but in a good way. Recently, while in Blanding, I left my grocery cart for a couple of seconds, and a kindly woman reminded me to take my purse with me at all times, because even in small towns like Blanding, theives are waiting to pounce. This kind of exchange is not uncommon when I go to Blanding. People really care, and they let you know. At first, it kind of took me off guard to have so many "mothers" helping me out. But with age and maturity, I know they really do mean well, and they really don't wish to see harm, danger, bad manners, bad breath, etc. befall me. As Kulani's parents age and their health starts to deteriorate, it's nice to know neighbors like Connie Swenson are there looking out for them.


Aundrea said...

I love Connie Swenson! This post made me laugh, becuase I was remined of times when people from Blanding were nosy is a BAD way...But you're right, mostly in a good way:)

Morkthefied said...

Oh yeah, I've got a story about the not-so-good of the nosy side. So we were in Sunday School and my father-in-law called on a nice young lady to give the opening prayer. Sister Johnson* (*name changed to protect the guilty)comes up to my father-in-law after class and tells him he should ask the bishop who can and can't be called on to give prayers before just calling on people "willy-nilly" like.

Heats said...

As it happens I am in Blanding right now and I couldn't agree with you more. People are so nosy - in a good way!