Thursday, August 21, 2008

A new Obsession I will just walk away from ... for now

Good crap! For all that is good and holy, someone pull me away from movie editing software, and I mean now. Talk about addictive: It's 1 a.m. and I'm still not even close to where I want my little video to be. But I'm a-postin' it; troubles and all. (Kulani's working late tonight.)

Do you love those little photo montages of sunsets or construction sites, where a photo is snapped every so often then sped up to make it look like it all happened within seconds? Well I wanted to do that with my house. My house was a disaster area, and the idea of seeing the finished cleaning in bits and pieces intrigued me. Notes for next time: Instead of taking a picture after every 10 things you pick up, try it after every item you pick up. I ran out of pictures before I ran out of song, so I decided to just put random pictures on the end.

The storyline of this video, should you choose to view it, shows the messy house, us getting ready to clean it, and then the after. Followed by which I wanted to have us looking very "Brady Bunchy" and perfect making cookies, and then a picture of the kitchen back to its original mess after making cookies. And finally me running away to Kulani so we could just have fun with our girls. It works in my mind, but doesn't work so much on the video, especially since I needed to reduce the size down to less than 4 MB. (Turn the sound up for one of the best songs ever written. The song is extra long--longer than the photos because I couldn't figure out how to cut, edit, and reduce the music--but seriously, don't want to be wasting any more waking hours trying to figure it out.)

And now I give you, the very tedious, but still fun video montage:


MarySquare said...

So awesome! This is kind of stuff that I want to do when I stay home! So cool -- let me point you to a site of homemade videos of "normal" mormon folk. I think you and I should make videos and try to get them submitted to this site.

Fish said...

Most representative pic: Nono on the ground begging you to pick her up in the middle of it all. The pics of Lissy with her leg up on the TV were pretty good, too.